The SIMetrix/SIMPLIS user manual describes the user interface and is a general purpose reference for the program.
This manual provides full reference documentation for the SIMetrix simulator. Essentially the simulator receives a netlist as its input and creates a binary data file and list file as its output. The netlist defines the circuit topology and also specifies the analyses to be performed by the simulator. The netlist may directly include any device models required or these may be automatically imported from a device model library.
This manual provides the means for users sympathetic to the concept of computer programming to develop their own scripts or to adapt the user interface by modifying the internal scripts.
Verilog-A is a language for defining analog models; it is suitable for defining behavioural models with a high level of abstraction as well as highly detailed models for semiconductor devices.
The SIMPLIS Reference Manual provides detailed reference material for the SIMPLIS (SIMulation for Piecewise-LInear System) simulation package. It is intended for those who want to develop a more in-depth understanding of this software package.