Transmission Line

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Netlist Entry

Txxxx p1 n1 p2 n2 Z0=impedance [TD=delay] [F=frequency [NL=norm_length]]
[rel=rel] [abs=abs]
p1 Positive input port 1
n1 Negative input port 2
p2 Positive input port 1
n2 Negative input port 2
impedance characteristic impedance
delay Line delay (Seconds)
frequency Alternative means of specifying delay = norm_length/frequency
norm_length See frequency. Default 0.25 if omitted.
TD takes precedence over NL/F. Either TD or F must be specified.

These remaining parameters control the way the line is simulated rather than its electrical characteristics. More accurate results (at the expense of simulation time) can be obtained by using lower values.

rel Relative rate of change of derivative for breakpoint
abs Absolute rate of change of derivative for breakpoint


The above line has an impedance of 50???MATH???\Omega???MATH??? and a delay of 1???MATH???\mu???MATH???S.