The HiSim HV model is accessed as LEVEL=62 and is available with the Elite versions of SIMetrix. The device may have up to 6 terminals and the netlist format is as follows:

Mxxx drain gate source bulk [ substrate [ temperature ]]
modelname instance_parameters
The substrate and temperature nodes are internally connected to ground if they are omitted. Currently we have no information about whether this is the expected behaviour.

Most mainstream models that we implement, such as BSIM3 and BSIM4, we alter to clean up the various error and warning messages that they emit. In particular we make the appropriate changes to ensure the messages are displayed in the list file. This is a time consuming task and generally has to be repeated for new versions. We have not done this work for this model and so most of the warning and error messages are as the original designers provided and are directed to "stdout" or "stderr". This means that you will not see them when using SIMetrix via the GUI unless you specifically enable a feature that directs the simulator's stdout and stderr output to the front end. This can be done by typing the following at the command line:

Set EnableSimStdout
Set EnableSimStderr

If running the simulator in 'console' mode, the stdout and stderr messages will be displayed in the console without needing any special configuration.

This model may be binned on length and width in a similar manner to the BSIM3 model. See Model Binning.