Specifying a Single Step Monte Carlo Sweep

Monte Carlo sweep is one of the six modes available to the swept analysis modes, .AC, .DC .NOISE and .TF. The other modes are explained in General Sweep Specification. The general syntax is:

.analysis_name MONTE num_points analysis_parameters


.analysis_name Dot statement for analysis. Either .AC, .DC, .NOISE, .TF
analysis_parameters Specific parameters for that analysis
num_points Number of points in sweep


1000 point Monte Carlo sweep.

.DC MONTE 1000

AC Monte Carlo sweep 100 steps. Frequency = 10K. This is useful if - say - you are interested in the gain of an amplifier at one frequency and it needs to lie within a defined tolerance. Previously you would need to repeat an AC sweep at a single frequency to achieve this which could take a long time especially if the circuit has a difficult to find operating point. The analysis defined by the following line will take very little time even for a large circuit.

.AC MONTE 100 F=10K