D-type Latch

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Netlist entry

Axxxx data enable set reset out nout model_name

Connection details

Name Description Flow Type
data Input data in d
enable Enable in d
set Asynchronous set in d
reset Asynchronous reset in d
out Data output out d
nout Inverted data output out d

Model format

.MODEL model_name d_dlatch parameters

Model parameters

Name Description Type Default Limits
data_delay Delay from data real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
enable_delay Delay from enable real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
set_delay Delay from set real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
reset_delay Delay from reset real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
ic Output initial state
0: logic '0'
1: logic '1'
integer 0 0 - 2
rise_delay Rise delay real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
fall_delay Fall delay real 1nS 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
data_load Data load value (F) real 1pF none
enable_load Enable load value (F) real 1pF none
set_load Set load value (F) real 1pF none
reset_load Reset load value (F) real 1pF none
family Logic family string UNIV none
in_family Input logic family string UNIV none
out_family Output logic family string UNIV none
out_res Digital output resistance real 100 ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
out_res_pos Digital output res. pos. slope real out_res ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
out_res_neg Digital output res. neg. slope out_res ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
min_sink Minimum sink current real -0.001 none
max_source Maximum source current real 0.001 none
sink_current Input sink current real 0 none
source_current Input source current real 0 none

Device Operation

The device is a level triggered latch with a single data input, complimentary outputs and active high asynchronous set and reset. The operation of the device is illustrated in the following diagram:

The asynchronous inputs (set and reset) override the action of the enable and data lines.