.POST_PROCESS scriptname [arguments]
Invokes the SIMetrix script scriptname at the end of a successful simulation. If present arguments will be passed to the script as a single string.

scriptname may the name of an embedded file defined using .FILE and .ENDF. For example, the following will cause the text "Simulation Complete" to be displayed in the command shell when the run is complete:

.FILE on_complete
Echo "Simulation Complete"
.POST_PROCESS on_complete

.POST_PROCESS may be used to perform measurements on simulation results for display in the command shell or written to a file.

.POST_PROCESS scripts will function even if the simulator is operating in a standalone mode in which case any displayed messages created from, for example, Echo or Show, will be directed to the simulator's output device. In console mode, this would be the console or terminal and in standalone GUI mode, this would be the message window in the simulator status box. As there is no environment available in the standalone mode, not all script commands and functions will be available.

For information about the SIMetrix script language, please refer to the SIMetrix script reference manual.