SIMPLIS has built-in models for the eight common gate types: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, Inverter, and Non-inverting Buffer. Each gate type implements both non-inverted and inverted outputs, reducing the actual number of models to four. The outputs of each device are perfectly complementary.

The inputs can be active high or active low, but at least one input must be active high. The propagation delay from all inputs to the output is set by the propagation-delay parameter. All delays are identical whether the input is active high or active low.

All gates have the ability to use a ground ref pin. A ground ref pin is required whenever a digital device is connected to an analog component. For more information, see When is Ground Ref Required?

The gate symbols are automatically generated when the device parameters are edited, allowing easy design changes. The symbols are drawn with bubbled inputs for active low inputs.

Individual gate documentation is provided for these model types: