SaveAs Command

Saves the currently selected schematic.

SaveAs [/force] [/binary] [/writeSymbol] [/tab <tabnum>] [/id id] <filename>



File will be written in binary format. This is only required if the file needs to be read by a version earlier than 5.0.


Saves the schematic to specified file but does not change the file, if any, to which the schematic is linked. It also does not update the modified status of the schematic


If specified and filename already exists it will be overwritten without prompting. Otherwise if the file exists an error will be reported.


Use id obtained from OpenSchematic or GetSchematicTabs


If specified, the style library will not be written to the schematic.


Tab id - used to specify which tabbed sheet within a schematic window is to be saved. tab_id is a number between zero and 1 less than the number of tabbed sheets in the window. The function GetOpenSchematics can be used to determine the number of tabs open in a window.


Ignored. This is retained for compatibility with version 7.2 and earlier. This was used in conjunction with /tab to idenify a schematic from a window id and tab id. From version 8, the GetOpenSchematics function returns all schematics that are open independent of which window, so /ui is no longer required


Use id from WM_GetContentWidgetNames


If the schematic being saved has an embedded symbol (that forms part of a hierarchical component), the symbol will be written out if this switch is specified. Otherwise the symbol will not be written out. If filename already exists and already has a symbol, that symbol will remain intact if this switch is not specified


Name of file to which schematic is saved ( filename is not optional as it was with earlier versions of SIMetrix).