DefineBusPlotDialog Function

Opens a dialog box to allow the user to plot a bus.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes Initial values
2 string No options

Argument 1

String array of length up to 9. Elements defined in the following table:
Index Description Default
0 Bus name "
1 Bus start index 0
2 Bus end index 0
3 Display type:
'0' Decimal
'1' Hexadecimal
'2' Analog waveform
'3' Binary
4 Hold invalid:
'TRUE' Hold invalid ON
'FALSE' Hold invalid off
5 Scale factor '1.0'
6 Offset '0.0'
7 Units
8 Items used to load 'Units' combo box separated by '|'
9 Analog threshold lower
10 Analog threshold upper
11 Axis type:
'0' Auto select
'1' Use separate Y-axis
'2' Use separate grid
'3' Digital
12 Axis name
13 Use separate graph?
0 yes
1 no
14 Graph name

Argument 2

Options. Currently just one. If set to 'noProbeOptions', the Probe Options sheet will be hidden.


Return type: string array

String array with the same length as the input. Each field holds the value selected by the user. Note that field index 8 does not currently output a meaningful value and should be ignored.