GetWindowNames Function

Returns names of current windows. Result can be supplied as an argument to the command Focus using /named switch or /userid switch.

This function is superceded by WM_GetWindowNames .


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No Options

Argument 1

If set to 'full', this function will return more detailed window information. See the return description for details.


Return type: string array

If no argument 1 is given, returns an array of window names.

If argument 1 has been set to 'full', each element of the output array contains a semi-colon delimited string with the following three fields:
Index Description
0 Window type. One of, 'Shell', 'Schematic', 'Graph' or 'Symbol'
1 User index. Integer that can supply to the command Focus using /userid switch, along with the functions GetGraphTabs and GetOpenSchematics . Note that the command shell always has a user index of -1
2 Window title