SIMPLIS Counters

SIMPLIS has three built-in counter models which model up, down, and up/down counters that can have up to 32 output bits. Each counter model can be configured to count on the rising or falling edge of the clock, and the set and reset behavior can be configured to be synchronous or asynchronous to the clock. Additionally the set and reset values can be configured through a parameter value.

When counting up, these counters "roll over" to 0 when the count value reaches 2Number of bits - 1. When counting down, the counters "roll under" to the maximum value when the count value reaches 0. It is often advantageous to limit the count value to some range from 0 to the maximum of 2Number of bits - 1. These counters can be constructed using a few SIMPLIS digital blocks. For some examples, see Other Counters.