Numbered Parts in SIMPLIS

This section applies only to the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS product.

SIMPLIS works in a quite different way to SIMetrix (SPICE) and as a result its models for semiconductor devices are completely different. For that reason the selection of devices available from Place > From Model Library when in SIMPLIS mode will not be the same as in SIMetrix mode.

However, SIMetrix is able to convert some SPICE models for use with SIMPLIS. When a supported device is placed on a SIMPLIS schematic, a model parameter extraction routine is invoked to automatically convert the SPICE model to a SIMPLIS model. During the model parameter extraction process, SIMetrix/SIMPLIS automatically runs several SPICE simulations on the SPICE model and extracts the SIMPLIS model parameters. After the Piecewise Linear (PWL) model parameters have been extracted, the resulting device model will run in SIMPLIS.

The conversion of SPICE models to SIMPLIS models is covered in the Help system. Navigate to SIMPLIS Documentation -> SIMPLIS Parts -> Semiconductors.