VersionInfo Function

Returns version information about running copy of SIMetrix


No arguments


Return type: string array

Returns a string array of length 7 defined as follows:
0 Product name. E.g. "SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite with DVM"
1 Major Version number (3.1, 4.0 etc.)
2 Maintenance version. (empty or a single letter)
3 Internal product name. (E.g. "SIMPLIS-Elite")
4 Feature string allowing script to determine available functionality. This will be a combination of the following separated by the '|' character:
Basic Always present
AD Digital simulator enabled
Micron CMOS device models enabled
Schematic Schematic enabled
Advanced Advanced analysis modes enabled
Scripts Scripting enabled
Rtn Real time noise enabled
Simplis_If SIMPLIS simulator interface present
5 Full version string - usually element 1 and 2 concatenated
6 Base product name
7 Architecture : either x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit). This is the architecture of the program not the operating system on which it is running