SetHighlight Command

Highlights or unhighlights schematic objects.

At most one parameter switch at may be used.

SetHighlight /prop <propname> [<propvalue>] | /wire <wirehandle> [<colourindex>] | /net <netname> [<colour>] /all 1 | /all 0 | /clearallopen | 1 | 0



If '1' specified, highlights all objects on selected schematic. Otherwise, unhighlights all objects on selected schematic.


Clears all highlighting on all open schematics.



Property name. If specified without propvalue all instances possessing propname will be highlighted. Otherwise only instances possessing propname with propvalue will be highlighted.


Handle of wire to be highlighted.


When no switches are given, if set to '1', all selected objects highlighted, otherwise all selected objects unhighlighted.


Usage is one of the following:
  1. SetHighlight /prop propname [ propvalue ]
  2. SetHighlight /wire wirehandle
  3. SetHighlight /all 1|0
  4. SetHighlight /clearAllOpen
  5. SetHighlight 1|0