EncodeImageToBase64 Function

Returns the Base64 binary encoding of a png or bmp image file as a text string. The first argument can be a full file path name to the image, a directory path, or left blank. The latter two options will prompt a user with a dialog to choose the desired png or bmp file.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 String No File path name of png or bmp file

Argument 1

Full file path name, file directory path, or empty.


Return type: String

String with base64 encoding of png or bmp image if conversion is successful. In case of a failure to convert the file, returns a integer error code.
Integer Error Code Description
0 File doesn't exist
1 Incorrect file format - supported formats are PNG and BMP
2 Failed to convert file
You can test the return value with the IsStr function to catch and handle errors.