MeasureDialog Function

Opens dialog for specifying graph measurements.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array No Dialog data
2 string array No Initial settings
3 string array No Condition

Argument 1

Dialog data. Format the same as for argument 1 in the function ManageMeasureDialog except the final token is not required.

Argument 2

String array containing initial values. List in same format as return value

Argument 3

If set 'haveCursors' indicates to dialog box that graph cursors are enabled.


Return type: string array

String array of length 10 providing user selections. Fields defined as follows:

Index Description
0 Measurement selection from list box
1 '1' if Cursor span box is checked
2 '1' if AC coupled box is checked
3 '1' if Integral cycles box is checked
4 Graph label custom definition
5 Expression custom definition
6 '1' if Save to pre-defined box is checked
7 Format template custom definition
8 Label for custom definition
9 Long description for custom definition