GetSoaOverloadResults Function

Returns the overload factor for each SOA definition.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No Options

Argument 1

String array consisting of one or both of the values: 'ignorewindow' or 'derated'. If 'ignorewindow' is specified, then the function will not return data for SOA specifications that include a window. If 'derated' is included, the values returned allow for any derating factor. For example, if the limit is 40V with 80% derating and the maximum value reached was 38V, the overload factor with 'derated' specificed will be ???MATH???\frac{38}{40\times0.8} = 1.1875???MATH???. Without 'derated' specified, the overload factor would be ???MATH???\frac{38}{40} = 0.95???MATH???.


Return type: real array

Returns an array of reals defining the overload factor for each SOA definition. Each element in the array corresponds to the elements returned by the function GetSoaDefinitions .