SIMPLIS Data Selection - Overview

Two control statements provide the ability to select data output by SIMPLIS. These are .PRINT and .KEEP. Control statements may be placed in the F11 Window. For SIMPLIS simulations, control statements should be placed after the following  SIMPLIS simulator declaration line:


The above statement indicates to the netlist generator that the lines should be output only when the schematic is in SIMPLIS mode.

Simple data selection may be performed using the options in the Choose SIMPLIS Analysis dialog box. These options use the .PRINT statement to select what type of data to save. For more information, see Simulation Options.

Data Selection in Hierachical Schematics

With the default settings, SIMPLIS will not save data for voltages and currents in child schematics in hierarchies. This is the case even if All is selected in the Save options group in the Choose SIMPLIS Analysis dialog box. To save data in hierarchies, you must use the .KEEP control statement. For example:

 .KEEP **v **i 

placed in the top level schematic's F11 window will cause all voltages and currents at all levels of the hierarchy to be saved.