DefineIdealTxDialog Function

Opens a dialog box to define an ideal transformer.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real array Yes initial inductance, coupling factors, number of windings
2 real array Yes initial primary turns ratios
3 real array Yes initial secondary turns ratios
4 string No options

Argument 1

Real array of size 6. Function of each element is described below:
0 Primary 1 inductance
1 Coupling factor primary to primary
2 Coupling factor secondary to secondary
3 Coupling factor primary to secondary
4 Number of primaries
5 Number of secondaries

Argument 2

Real array of primary turns ratios relative to primary 1. (The first value is the ratio of primary 1 to itself. This is of course always 1 but the value is in fact ignored).

Argument 3

Real array of secondary turns ratios relative to primary 1.

Argument 4

If set to 'nonind', the box design will that used for non-inductive transformers. These do not show inductance related parameters.


Return type: real array

The function returns, the settings selected by the user in a single real array with the same format as the three arguments concatenated together. If the user selects Cancel the function returns an empty vector.