AC Analysis

AC is a small signal frequency domain analysis mode applied to a switching circuit. Please refer to the SIMPLIS Reference Manual for full details of this analysis mode. Note that AC analysis requires a POP analysis (see above) to be also defined.

In this topic:

Setting up an AC Analysis

  1. Select menu Simulator > Choose Analysis...
  2. Select AC check box on the right. Note that the POP check box is automatically checked when AC is checked.
  3. Select AC tab at the top:

    Enter parameters as described in the following sections.

AC Sweep Parameters

Start frequency Enter the start frequency for the AC sweep
Stop frequency Enter the stop frequency for the AC sweep
Points per decade/Number of points If a decade sweep is selected enter the number of points required for each decade. If a linear sweep is selected enter the total number of points for the analysis.
Decade/Linear Select type of sweep.