GetPrinterInfo Function

Returns information on installed printers.


No arguments


Return type: string array

Returns array of strings providing system printer names and current application default printer. Format is as follows:

Index Description
0 Number of printers available in system
1 Index of printer that is currently set as default. (This is the default for the application not the system default printer - see below)
2 List of printer names (and subsequent indexes)


The following is an example of executing the command Show GetPrinterInfo
Index    GetPrinterInfo()
0	'5'
1	'2'
2	'Dell Laser Printer 1100'
3	'Fax'
4	'HP Color LaserJet CP4020 Series PCL6'
5	'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'
6	'Send To OneNote 2010'
The default index is 2 so this means that 'HP Color LaserJet CP4020 Series PCL6' is currently set as the default printer. This is the current default for the application and is what will be set when you open a Print dialog box. When SIMetrix starts, it will be initialised to the system default printer but changes whenever you select a different printer in any of the printer dialogs.