Simulation Modes - SIMetrix or SIMPLIS

If you have SIMetrix/SIMPLIS, you can set the schematic editor to one of two modes to select whether you are using the SIMetrix native (SPICE) simulator or the SIMPLIS simulator. To create a new schematic in SIMPLIS mode use menu File > New > SIMPLIS Schematic and to create a new schematic in SIMetrix mode, use File > New > SIMetrix Schematic. To switch to from SIMPLIS mode to SIMetrix mode, use menu Simulator > Switch to SIMetrix mode and to switch from SIMetrix mode to SIMPLIS mode use menu Simulator > Switch to SIMPLIS mode.

If the schematic is not empty and you change modes, the program will check that all parts entered on the sheet are compatible with the newly selected simulation mode as not all parts will work in both modes. Any that are believed not to be compatible will be highlighted and a warning will be issued. To clear the highlighting, select Edit > Unhighlight (All Open Sheets). You will most likely need to replace those parts but in some cases you may simply need to re-enter the same part.

If you wish to enter a circuit that will work in both modes, you should enter it in SIMPLIS mode and not use any of the parts in the menu Place > SIMPLIS Primitives or Place > Digital except Place > Digital > SIMetrix Compatible Logic Gates. Following this advice will not guarantee a circuit with dual mode simulation ability but will minimise the chance of placing a device that is compatible with only one of the simulators.

If you use SIMPLIS predominantly, you may wish to select SIMPLIS as the default simulator for all new schematics. To do this, select menu File > Options > General... then select SIMPLIS for the Initial Simulator setting.