GetInternalDeviceName Function

Finds the simulator's internal device name for a model defined using its model type name and optionally, level and version.

The internal device name is a unique name used to define a primitive simulator device. For example, npn and pnp transistors have the internal device name of 'BJT'. Level 1 MOSFETs have the internal device name of 'MOS1' while nmos level 8 devices are called 'BSIM3'. Some functions - e.g. GetDeviceInfo - require the internal device name as an argument.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes Model details


Return type: string array

1 - 3 element string array which describes device.

Index Description
0 Model type name as used in the .MODEL control. E.g. 'nmos', 'npn' etc.
1 Optional. Value of LEVEL parameter. If omitted, default level is assumed.
2 Optional. Value of VERSION parameter.