Configuration Settings

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SIMetrix, in common with most applications, needs to store a number of values that affect the operation of the program. These are known as configuration settings. Included among these are the locations of installed symbol libraries, installed model libraries, font preferences, colour preferences and default window positions.

Default Configuration Location

By default, SIMetrix stores configuration settings in a single file. This file is located at:

simetrix_app_data_dir\ config\ Base.sxprj

See Application Data Directory for location of simetrix_app_data_dir.

Application Data Directory

SIMetrix stores a number of files in its application data directory. The directory is at one of these locations:

sys_application_data_dir\ SIMetrix Technologies\ SIMetrixxx (full production versions)

sys_application_data_dir\ STI_STL\ Elementsxxx (SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elements)

xx is a three digit code representing the SIMetrix version number, eg. 800 for version 8.00.
sys_application_data_dir is a system defined location.

The following table shows typical locations for all supported Windows systems:

Operating System Path
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 C:\ Users\ username\ AppData\ Roaming
username is the log on name currently being used. The above are only typical locations on English language versions of Windows. The user or system administrator may move them and also the names used may be different for non-English versions of Windows.

With full versions of SIMetrix, you can locate the SIMetrix application data directory by typing the following command at the command line:

Show TranslateLogicalPath('%sxappdatapath%')

Specifying Other Locations for Config Settings

You can specify alternative locations for the configuration settings. This can be done with the /c switch on the command line or ConfigLoc setting in the startup.ini file. See SIMetrix Command Line Parameters for more details.