UpdateGlobalStyle Command

Updates an existing global style. Will only update the options used.

UpdateGlobalStyle <name> /lineType [type] /lineColour [colour] /lineThickness [thickness] /fontName [name] /fontSize [size] /fontColour [colour] /italics /bold /overline /underline /propertyStyle



Bold font.


As an AABBGGRR value.


Font family name.


A number.


Italic font.


As an AABBGGRR value, 0x00ff00ff for blue=255, green=0, red=255.


A number.


Options are Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot.


Overline the text.


Font should appear in the Property style options drop down box.


Underline the text.


Optional flag that will notify and update all Editors and update the configuration file. Use once after a batch change of style settings.


Name of the style to use.