EditTimer Function

Edit a timer. The function can stop a timer or change its interval. To delete a timer, use the DeleteTimer function.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real Yes Timer ID
2 string Yes action
3 real No Value

Argument 1

Timer ID as returned by the CreateTimer function

Argument 2

Action. This can be either:
1. 'interval' in which case this function will change the interval of the timer identified in argument 1 to the value specified in argument 3
2. 'kill' in which case the timer will be stopped. The timer will not be deleted and can be restarted by calling this function with the 'interval' action

Argument 3

Required if 'interval' is specified in argument 2


Return type: real

Returns 1.0 if the function is successful. Otherwise returns 0.0. The function will fail if the specified timer does not exist, if the action is not recognised or if the action is 'interval' and argument 3 is not specified.