Running the Simulator

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You can run the simulator using a number of methods:

  • Select the Simulator > Run Schematic menu item
  • Press F9
  • Click the Run button in the Simulator > Choose Analysis... dialog box
  • Click on the play button

A dialog box will show the status of the simulation.

You can pause the simulation by selecting the Pause button on the simulator status dialog box. To restart select the Resume button (the Pause button changes name when simulation pauses) or the Simulator > Resume menu item. There is no obligation to resume a simulation that has been paused. If you start a new run after having paused the previous one, you will be asked whether you wish to abandon the pending simulation run.


  1. There is no need to specify in advance of the simulation what voltages, currents and/or powers you wish to look at. By default everything except signals internal to some device models are stored in a disk file. You can decide after the run is complete what you wish to look at.
  2. It is recommended that any schematics are saved before a run is commenced especially if the run is expected to take a long time.


If the schematic is in SIMPLIS mode, the procedure described above will start the SIMPLIS simulator. A window showing the progress of the SIMPLIS simulation will be displayed.

SIMPLIS can be aborted by pressing the Abort button in the progress window. SIMPLIS, cannot however, be paused and resumed.