AddGlobalStyle Command

Adds an additional global style to the available styles.

This will overwrite any styles with the same name unless the nooverride flag is set.

AddGlobalStyle <name> /lineType [type] /lineColour [colour] /lineThickness [thickness] /fontName [name] /fontSize [size] /fontColour [colour] /italics /bold /overline /underline /propertyStyle



Bold font.


As an AABGGRR value.


Font family name.


A number.


Italic font.


As an AABBGGRR value, 0x00ff00ff for blue=255, green=0, red=255.


A number.


Options are Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot.


Use this to ensure that the style is only added if it does not already exist as a global style.


Overline the text.


Font should appear in the Property style options drop down box.


Underline the text.


Name of the style to use.