Vec Function

Returns the data for the vector specified by the arguments.

The purpose of this function is to provide a means of obtaining the data for vectors whose names violate vector name rules. Such vectors can be generated by the simulator if there are - for example - net names containing arithmetic characters. The simulator will create a vector of the same name but because the vector name contains an arithmetic character it is not possible to access the vector's data by the normal method.

For example, suppose a simulation was run on a circuit that contains a net called "IN+". A vector will be created called IN+. If the command to plot this vector were executed - "Plot IN+" - an error would result because "IN+" is an incomplete arithmetic expression. Instead the following can be used:

Plot Vec('IN+')

The schematic cross-probing mechanism will automatically use this syntax when needed.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Vector name
2 string No Current group Group name


Return type: depends on arg 1