PinName Function

Returns information about the schematic instance pin nearest the mouse cursor. The format of the result depends on the values of the arguments.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No <<empty>> Options
2 string No <<empty>> Property name

Argument 1

May be one of five possible values:
<<empty>> Return value is full hierarchical name of pin. (e.g. U1.U6.Q1#c)
'flat' Return value is local name without hierarchical prefix (e.g. Q1#c)
'property' Return value is string array with a pair of elements for each pin at the location. First value in each pair is the value of the property specified in argument 2 and the second is the pin number.
'distance' Return value has two elements. The second element is the distance of the cursor to the pin in "sheet units". There are 120 "sheet units" per grid at X 1 magnification.
~['flat', 'distance'] As 'distance' but returns local net name without hierarchical prefix.

Argument 2

Property name whose value is returned if argument 1 is 'property'. See above.


Return type: string array