Module Cache


Before starting a simulation and also when creating a symbol from a Verilog design, SIMetrix needs to gather some information about each Verilog module used in the circuit. It does this by starting a Verilog simulation then interrogating the Verilog simulator via VPI. This process can take some time if there are many Verilog modules in the circuit. To speed things up, SIMetrix caches the information obtained for future use.

The cache mechanism calculates the MD5 checksum of the Verilog file and stores this with the cached information in the cache file. When the cached information is required, SIMetrix calculates the MD5 checksum of the Verilog file and looks to see whether there is a cache item with that MD5 value. If there is, it will use the cached data. If not it will retrieve the information via the Verilog simulator.

For more information about the Module cache, see{Simulator Reference Manual/Analog Device Reference/Verilog-HDL Interface (VSXA)}{simref:AnalogDeviceReference:Verilog-HDLInterface(VSXA)}