PropFlagsAll Function

Returns the flags for the requested property. This will search all selected elements within a schematic. There are optional filters for choosing elements with a particular property, or property and value combination, along with options to select a specific schematic.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Property name to retrieve flags for
2 string No Filter property name
3 string No Filter property value
4 real No -1 Schematic ID

Argument 1

The name of the property to return the flags for.

Argument 2

If set, will only select elements that have this property in them.

Argument 3

If set, will only select elements that have the property stated by argument 2, with the value stated by this argument.

Argument 4

Schematic ID as returned by the function OpenSchematic . This allows this function to be used with a schematic that is not open or not currently selected. If omitted or -1, the currently selected schematic will be used.


Return type: string array

Returns the property flags for all applicable properties. Each row of the resulting array will be a different element's property flag.

See Also


The following would return all of the flags for the ref property with the selected schematic, for elements that have the property MODEL set to X :