ExistFunction Function

Returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether specified function exists.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Function name
2 string No 'global' Function type

Argument 1

Function name.

Argument 2

Either 'global' or 'script'. If 'global', arg 1 is assumed to be the name of a built in function. If 'script' arg 1 is assumed to be a function defined as a script and installed using the command RegisterUserFunction .

User defined compiled functions linked in as a DLL are treated as 'global'.


Return type: real


There are two situations where a documented function may not be available:
  • The function is not implemented in the currently executing version of the application.
  • The function is not enabled with the current license. A few functions are 'licensed' and are not available with all products.