ResolveTemplate Function

Evaluate template string.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Template string
2 string Yes Property names
3 string Yes Property values
4 string No Input template unmodified Return value for evaluation error

Argument 1

Template string. This can consist of literal text, expressions enclosed in '{' and '}' and special property names enclosed in '%'. The property names and their respective values may be defined in arguments 2 and 3. Properties names are substituted with their values by this function.

The template string may also contain the special keywords <if> , <ifd> , <t> and <repeat>. These behave the same and have identical syntax as the keywords of the same name used for schematic TEMPLATE properties described in the User's Manual .

Argument 2

Property names.

Argument 3

Property values corresponding to property names given in argument 2.

Argument 4

If the template contains an expression encloded in braces and the evaluation of the expression fails, the value defined in this argument is returned by the function


Return type: string

Returns the result of evaluating the template.