Organization of this User Manual

This user manual is made up of the following chapters.

Chapter 1 is the introduction (this chapter).

Chapters 2-6 explain the syntax and format of input files:
  • Chapter 2 describes the organization and the basic rules governing the input file.
  • Chapters 3 and 4 cover the format rules for specifying various device types.
  • Chapter 5 explains the definition of subcircuits.
  • Chapter 6 describes control statements.
Chapters 7-9 explains the execution of SIMPLIS:
  • Chapter 7 explains the SIMPLIS commands and command-line options.
  • Chapter 8 gives a synopsis of the data files generated by SIMPLIS.
  • Chapter 9 provides a set of examples illustrating the capabilities, features and the simulation options.
  • Chapter 10 explains the SIMPLIS-POP (Periodic Operating Point) analysis tool.
  • Chapter 11 explains the SIMPLIS-FX small-signal frequency-domain analyzer.