EscapeString Function

Process string to replace escaped characters with literals.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes input string
2 string Yes options

Argument 1

Input string

Argument 2

Set to 'replacespaces' to enable \ s which is substituted with a single space


Return type: string

Returns the input string but with the following character sequences substituted with their literal values as follows:
\ t Replaced with a tab character. (ASCII code 9)
\ n Replaced with a new line character. (ASCII code 10)
\ r Replaced with a carriage return character. (ASCII code 13)
\ f Replaced with a form feed character. (ASCII code 12)
\ s Replaced with a single space. Enabled is arg2 set to 'replacespaces'. Can be used to create strings that contain no spaces.
\ \ Replaced by a single '\'
'\' followed by any other character Replaced by the character following the '\'. The '\' itself is omitted.