PSpice Schematics Translation

SIMetrix can read schematic files created by the PSpice 'Schematics' program. 'Schematics' is the original MicroSim schematic editor but is no longer supported. Current PSpice releases use Orcad Capture for schematic entry. SIMetrix is not able to read Orcad Capture schematics.

Important: this feature is now deprecated and no longer supported. It still functions but will be removed from future versions.

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Configuring the Translator

Before using this facility, it must be configured. This is simply a matter of specifying the location of the PSPICE.INI file which PSpice uses to store symbol library locations. Proceed as follows:

  1. Select menu File > Options > General...
  2. Select File Locations tab
  3. Double click the item 'PSpice inifile'
  4. Locate the file PSPICE.INI. This is usually at the root folder for PSpice e.g. C:\ Program Files\ Orcad\ PSpice\ PSPICE.INI. Press Open when you have found the file.
The above assumes you are using version 9 of PSpice. Earlier versions stored their settings in a similar manner but the file name was different and in a different location. For example MSIM.INI located in the windows directory. Note we have only tested version 9.2 and the evaluation version 8.0. Some earlier versions used different inifile section names and in these cases the file will need to be manually edited. For more information see the on-line help topic Schematic Editor >> PSpice Schematics Translation.

If you don't have PSpice

If you do not have PSpice on your system then you will need to create a PSPICE.INI file that contains the location of the PSpice symbol libraries. Note that PSpice schematics do not contain local copies of their symbols (unlike SIMetrix) so the symbol libraries are essential to perform any schematic translation. For information see the on-line help topic Schematic Editor >> PSpice Schematics Translation.

Reading PSpice Schematics

Once the translator has been configured, simply open the PSpice schematic in the same way as you would one created by SIMetrix.

Installing PSpice Libraries for Use with SIMetrix

You can install PSpice symbol libraries in the same way as SIMetrix symbol libraries. This will make the symbols available for use with SIMetrix. Note that the schematic translator only uses symbols in the PSpice libraries specified using the procedure described above.

What the Translator will do

  1. The translator will convert symbols, parts and wires and display them in a manner that is as close as reasonably possible to the original schematic.
  2. It will convert any TEMPLATE properties to the SIMetrix format while preserving the original PSpice template under a different name.
  3. It will copy where possible any simulator commands to the F11 window.
  4. Hierarchical symbols will be appropriately converted but the underlying schematics need to be converted separately and saved in SIMetrix format.
  5. Translated symbols will be copied to PSPICE.SXSLB in the SymbolLibraries directory. By default this library is not installed. If you do install it (see Symbol Library Manager) these symbols can then be used in SIMetrix schematics.


The translator has the following limitations:

  1. It cannot convert buses.
  2. Boxes, text boxes, free text and embedded graphics are not supported.
  3. Pin attributes are not supported.
  4. Hierarchical blocks are not supported but hierarchical symbols are. To use hierarchical blocks, use PSpice to convert them to symbols.
  5. The template properties are converted to the SIMetrix format but with one limitation. References to properties that are themselves templates are not supported. These are used in some of the standard ABM blocks supplied with PSpice. These will need to be manually converted by editing the template property.
  6. You will not normally be able to cross probe current into a device converted from PSpice. The current into the device will be available but the schematic cross-probing mechanism won't work without manually editing the symbols and template property.
  7. PSpice Schematics allows the placement of symbol pins, parts and wires off-grid. The translator will convert these correctly and SIMetrix will display them correctly but they can cause problems if attempting to edit them subsequently. (SIMetrix itself does not permit the user to place off-grid items). If off grid parts are identified, they will be highlighted and a warning will be displayed. Off-grid symbols will also resulting in a warning. If possible we recommend that these are corrected within the PSpice environment before reading the file into SIMetrix.