BoolSelect Function

Opens a dialog box with any number of check boxes. The return value is a real vector containing the user's check box settings. 1 means checked, 0 means not checked. The number of check boxes displayed is the smaller of the length of arguments 1 and 2. If neither argument is supplied, 6 check boxes will be displayed without labels.

If the user cancels the operation, an empty value is returned. This can be checked with the function length .


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real No Initial check box settings
2 string No Labels
3 string No Dialog Box Caption
4 string No GroupBox Title
5 string No Descriptive Text


Return type: real array

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The following dialog box is displayed after a call to:
BoolSelect([0,1,0], ['Label1', 'Label2', 'Label3'], 'Caption', 'Group title',
+ 'Select these options')