ResolveGraphTemplate Function

Evaluate template string used by graph object.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Graph object ID
2 string Yes Template
3 string No Options

Argument 1

ID of graph object whose properties are to be used in the template. See Graph Object Identifiers - the 'ID' .

Argument 2

Template string. This can consist of literal text, properties enclosed with '%' and expressions enclosed with '{' and '}'. The property values are those belong to the object supplied in argument 1. Properties available for the various types of graph object are described in Objects and Their Properties . Some properties return the id of another graph object. These can be used to create nested property definitions. For example %curve:label% when applied to a curve marker object returns the label of the attached curve.

The template string may also contain the special keywords <if> , <ifd> , <t> and <repeat>. These behave the same and have identical syntax as the keywords of the same name used for schematic TEMPLATE properties described in the User's Manual .

Argument 3

Options. Currently there is only 1 and that is the action to take when an expression fails to evaluate. Possible values are:
'msg' Requires a second arg 3 to have two elements. Returns error message specified in second element of string.
'empty' Returns an empty value on error
'literal' (default) Returns the literal text of the expression


Return type: string

Returns the result of evaluating the template.


This function along with ResolveTemplate are implemented using the same internal program code that implements the schematic TEMPLATE property in a netlist generation and behaves in the same way.