Monte Carlo Analysis

Monte Carlo analysis is a procedure to assess manufacturing yields by repeating simulation runs with varying applied random variations to part parameters. The technique is very powerful and usually gives a more realistic result than worst-case analysis which varies part values to their extremes in a manner which produces the worst possible result.

The implementation of Monte Carlo analysis in SIMetrix has been designed to be quick to set up for simple cases while still providing the required flexibility for more advanced requirements as might be required for integrated circuit design.

In this chapter we cover the aspects of setting up a Monte Carlo analysis from the front end. This includes setting device tolerances in the schematic, setting up and running a Monte Carlo simulation and analysing the results.

This chapter covers Monte Carlo analysis for SIMetrix (SPICE) simulations. Monte Carlo analysis is also available for SIMPLIS simulations, see Multi-step and Monte Carlo Analyses.

Setting model tolerances is not covered here but in the Monte Carlo Analysis chapter in the Simulator Reference Manual/Monte Carlo Analysis/Specifying Tolerances.