Testplan files are tab-separated text files with a .testplan extension which define the tests to be run. Testplans have the following rules:
  • Blank lines are ignored.
  • Lines starting with an asterisk (*) are considered comments and are ignored.
  • Inline comments are not supported; that is, you can comment out an entire line, but not a portion of a line.
  • Each non-blank, non-comment line in the testplan describes a set of test conditions for a single test. Each column performs some action during the test.
  • The testplan can have a header row. The first entry on the header row starts with *?@. The program reads the file and identified the header row by looking for this special three character sequence.
  • Any column can have an empty cell in a row but the behavior is different for columns with function headings.
    • If the column heading is a function, such as Var(vout , 1.2), DVM uses the default value, in this case 1.2.
    • If the column heading is not a function, DVM makes no changes for that column where a cell is empty.

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Testplan Content

There are two ways of defining a testplan entry:

  • Without a header row, each field must include a prefix to indicate the desired action. For example:
    simulator: simetrix include: include1.txt
    simulator: simplis include: include2.txt
  • With a header row you can avoid prefixing each field by including a specially formatted comment line with the prefix that functions as a column heading.
    *?@ column1 column2 column3 column4
    value1 value2 value3 value4
    value5 value6 value7 value8
    Note: When you use the create a testplan with the format above, the simulator regenerates the information into the format shown below, which is the equivalent structure that you would use without the header row.
    column1: value1 column2: value2 column3: value3 column4: value4
    column1: value5 column2: value6 column3: value7 column4: value8

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Testplan Syntax

The following prefixes and functions are supported as testplan column headings. For details about each, click the link in the list below.

Columns Functions
Analysis Create FinalProcess Change()
GenerateInitFile HTMLTitle Include GlobalVar()
IncludeInitFile Jumper Label Temp()
Load LoadComponentValues Measurement Var()
Objective PostProcess PreProcess  
Promote Simulator Source  

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