Creating SIMetrix Plots

SIMPLIS supports the .GRAPH statement for creating plots while the simulation proceeds. For full documentation on .GRAPH, please refer to the SIMetrix Simulator Reference Manual/Command Reference/.GRAPH. Note that the names used for signals in .GRAPH must comply with SIMetrix vector names rather than the format SIMPLIS uses for .PRINT. For example, the following instructs SIMPLIS to save and plot the voltage on node 2:

.GRAPH :2 CurveLabel="Voltage at Node2"

Note that '2' is prefixed with a colon. This is to distinguish node '2' from the constant value 2.0.

Another example:
.GRAPH #VOUT CurveLabel="Output voltage"

In the above, node 224 has been mapped to the name "VOUT". Subsequently, the data on node 224 may be referenced as #VOUT.