POP Advanced Options

Press the Advanced... button for more POP options. The following dialog opens:

Parameter Description
Convergence Sets the convergence criteria for the periodic operating point analysis. The convergence criteria is satisfied when the relative change in each state variable, between the start and end of a switching cycle, is less than this parameter. All state variable must have a relative change lower than the convergence criteria for the POP run to converge. This parameter is expressed in percent.
Iteration limit Iteration limit: Sets the maximum number of iterations for the periodic operating point analysis.
Number of cycles output After a successful POP analysis, and if there is no transient analysis specified, SIMPLIS will generate the steady-state time-domain waveforms for an integral number switching cycles. This option sets the number of cycles to output and can be between 1 and 16.
Use snapshot from previous transient analysis If checked, POP is instructed to take advantage of the last data point of a previous transient simulation, assuming the circuit and the initial conditions remained the same between the two simulation runs.
Output POP progress If checked the progress of the POP solution will be output to the data file for plotting and subsequent debugging.
Define transient after failed POP If a POP analysis fails to converge, you have the option to automatically start a subsequent transient analysis. This is useful to help diagnose the cause of the POP failure.
Enable automatic transient analysis after a failed POP Check this  box to enable this feature. The transient analysis will run for 100 x POP period by default. To change this, click on Specify then enter the desired period.

To learn more about the advanced POP options, see the Advanced SIMPLIS Training Course: 2.3.2 The Core POP Process.