CopyClipGraph Command

Copies a graphical picture of the graph to the clipboard or to a specified file.



If specified, the graph is written output in the format specified by the format switch. If not specified the graph picture is written to the clipboard.


Picture format used. Choices are:
wmf Enhanced metafile format.
svg "Scalable Vector Graphics" format. A scalable format compatible across platforms. Not supported in clipboard mode
jpeg JPEG format
png PNG format
bmp Windows bitmap format

In clipboard mode jpeg, png and bmp do the same thing - that is write an uncompressed bitmapped image of the graph.

If /format is omitted, wmf will be used.


If specified, markers are displayed on each curve as a means of identification. This is enabled automatically if /mono is specified.


Copy graph in monochromatic form.


Viewport dimensions in pixels. This is used to specify the size of the image if a bitmapped format (png, jpeg, bmp) is specified. x is the width, y is the height.


This command makes it possible to export graphs into other windows applications such as word processors. The clipboard is a central store within operating system which is accessible by all applications. Refer to system documentation for more information.