SpectrumUniv Function

General purpose function performs a Fourier analysis on a vector. This function is used by the schematic's fixed Fourier probe.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real vector Yes Input signal
2 real vector Yes Configuration

Argument 1

Input signal

Argument 2

real vector to configure operation on function.

Index Description
0 Method
0: FFT
1: Continuous Fourier
1 Output
0: complex
1: magnitude
2: dB
3: phase (degrees)
2 Use default resolution. Continuous Fourier only
0: Use resolution in arg3
1: Use default resolution
3 Resolution. Continuous Fourier only
4 Start frequency
Actual start frequency will be N*actual_resolution where N is an integer
5 Stop frequency
FFT: max Numpoints*resolution/2. Defaults to Numpoints*resolution/2 if <=0.
Continuous Fourier: fails if<=0
6 Know fundamental frequency
7 Fundamental frequency
8 FFT only - number of points - must be ???MATH???2^N???MATH???.
If not next value that is ???MATH???2^N???MATH??? is used
9 FFT only - interp order
10 0: Time interval defined by arg12 and arg11
1: Use all time data
11 t start (if arg10=0)
12 t stop (if arg10=0)
13 Window
0: Rectangular
1: Hanning
2: Hamming
3: Blackman
14 Max calculation time - aborts if exceeds this value.


Return type: complex array

Fourier spectrum of input