DVM Reports

This section of the documentation contains the reports generated in the DVM tutorial. Each report demonstrates an action performed by DVM. The links in the second column take you to the tutorial section that explains the testplan actions.

Note: To reduce the size of these reports on disk, the graph files, which contain the raw simulation data, have been removed from some of the reports. You will see a pop-up message when you click on these hyperlinks. Otherwise, the reports are exactly what is generated by DVM after running one of the DVM tutorial examples.
Report DVM Tutorial Section
DC/DC Built-In Testplan 6.0 Customizing Testplans
AC/DC Built-In Testplan Not included in tutorial
Add Curves Testplan 4.1 Adding Curves from Existing Probes
Add Power Losses 8.1 Adding Power Losses to a Testplan
Add Scalar Measurements 6.6.1 Creating Scalar Aliases
Create Scalar Measurements 4.2 Adding Scalar Measurements
Line and Load Regulation 5.2 Running the Line and Load Testplan
Measuring Loop Parameters 8.2 Measuring Control Loop Parameters
Promoting Graphs 6.5.1 Promoting Graphs to the Overview Report
Promoting Graphs from Built-In Testplan 5.1 Running the Built-In Efficiency Testplan
Promoting Scalars 6.5.2 Promoting Scalars to the Overview Report
PulseLoad() and PulseLine() Not included in tutorial
Suppressing Specifications 6.4.3 Suppressing Specification Generation
Using ArbitraryBodePlot() 6.6.3 Using the ArbitraryBodePlot() Function
Using ArbitraryCurve() 6.6.2 Using the ArbitraryCurve() Function
Using ExtractCurve() 6.6.4 Using the ExtractCurve() Function
Using Jumpers 6.3 Using Jumpers
Using Scripts 7.0 Scripting