NewPassiveDialog Function

Opens a dialog box intended to select values for passive components such as resistors and capacitors. The dialog below is displayed after executing the following:

Let paramNames = ['temp','tc1','tc2']
Let paramValues = [",","]
Show NewPassiveDialog('1k',['Select Value','e24'], paramNames, paramValues)


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Initial value
2 string array No ['Select value', 'E12'] [message series]
3 string array No <<empty>> Parameter names
4 string array No <<empty>> Parameter values

Argument 1

Initial value displayed in "Result" box. "Base" and "Decade" will be adjusted accordingly.

Argument 2

Two element string array:
0 Message displayed at the top of the box.
1 Initial setting of preferred value series. Possible values: 'E6, 'E12', 'E24'

Argument 3

String array defining list of parameter names. See argument 4.

Argument 4

String array defining list of parameter values. If arguments 3 and 4 are supplied the "Parameters..." button will be visible. This button opens another dialog box that provides the facility to edit these parameters' values.


Return type: string array

The function returns a string array in the following form:

Index Description
0 Value in "Result" box
1 Number of parameter values
2 The values of the parameters in the order they were passed (onwards values)