Function Summary

The following table lists a small selection of the functions available with SIMetrix. Full documentation for these is provided in the Script Reference Manual/Function Reference.

Function name Description
abs(real/complex) Absolute value
arg(real/complex) phase (result wraps at 180/-180 degrees)
arg_rad(real/complex) phase (radians). Result wraps at pi/-pi radians
atan(real/complex) Arc tangent
cos(real/complex) Cosine
db(real/complex) dB(x) = 20 * log10 (mag(x))
diff(real) Return derivative of argument
exp(real/complex) Exponential
fft(real [, string]) Fast Fourier Transform
FIR(real, real [, real]) Finite Impulse Response digital filter
Floor(real) Returns argument truncated to next lowest integer
GroupDelay(real/complex) Returns group delay of argument
Histogram(real, real) Returns histogram of argument
Iff(real, any, any) Returns a specified value depending on the outcome of a test
IIR(real, real [, real]) Infinite Impulse Response digital filter
im, imag(real/complex) Return imaginary part of argument
integ(real) Returns integral of argument
Interp(real, real [, real, real]) Interpolates argument to specified number of evenly spaced points
IsComplex(any) Returns TRUE if argument is complex
length(any) Returns number of elements in vector.
ln(real/complex) Natural logarithm
log, log10(real/complex) Base 10 logarithm
mag, magnitude(real/complex) Magnitude (same as abs())
maxidx(real/complex) Returns index of vector where largest value is held
Maxima(real [, real, string]) Returns locations of maxima of specified vector
mean(real/complex) Returns statistical mean of all values in vector
Mean1(real [, real, real]) Returns mean of data in given range
minidx(real/complex) Returns index of vector where smallest value is held
Minima(real [, real, string]) Returns locations of minima of specified vector
norm(real/complex) Returns argument scaled so that its largest value is unity.
ph, phase(real/complex) Returns phase of argument
phase_rad(real/complex) As ph() but result always in radians
Range(real/complex [, real, real]) Returns range of vector
re, real(real/complex) Return real part of argument
Ref(real/complex) Returns reference of argument
Rms(real) Returns accumulative RMS value of argument
RMS1(real [, real, real]) Returns RMS of argument over specified range
rnd(real) Returns random number
RootSumOfSquares(real [, real, real]) Returns root sum of squares of argument over specified range
sign(real) Return sign of argument
sin(real/complex) Sine
sqrt(real/complex) Square root
tan(real/complex) Tangent
Truncate(real [, real, real]) Returns vector that is a sub range of supplied vector
unitvec(real) Returns vector of specified length whose elements are all 1
vector(real) Returns vector of specified length with each element equal to its index
XFromY(real, real [, real]) Returns array of values specifying horizontal locations where specified vector crosses given y value
YFromX(real, real [, real]) Returns array of values specifying the vertical value of the specified vector at the given x value.